Sunday, March 1, 2009



  1. Vinay Ji,

    Satya This side...Please gimi your Email Id so that i can communicate with you in much more detail. I can not take your valuable space on your blog to leave comments on anything other than your work. I have started working on Zbrush3.1 and am very seriously looking to make a carrier in concept art. I am also undergoing a 3D animation corce from PICASSO NOIDA. Other than that i have always been into concept design and character design since i was a kid....the only hitch is that i have never been guided properly. I am doing my corse at the same time i am also doing a job as a senior web designer....but my heart lies in concept art. As you have seen my startup work and adviced me on it i have taken your advice very seriously and am working on my second....the next time i poste something i will make sure i do justice to your comments.

    Satya Prabhakar

  2. Ok great Satya, keep up good work..i don;t spent too much time on net..even i don't chk my mails daily...but if you have any queries you can talk to me on phone, you can take my no. from Rana Bhai saab. he is my senior and is in picasso , noida.

  3. Thank you very much Vinay Ji. I really appretiate that. My end goal for now i to be able to make a character in Zbrush like this. For that i would need a lot of help from your end as there is no one to teach me anything. I am trying to do things on my own so I will really need all the help i can get.

  4. Hi Vinayji,
    Prabhakar here. I just wanted to know which tools in ZBrush you used to create this "Wip".

  5. I used Clay brush mostly, pinch, standard, smooth are other brushes which i use often.
    For multiple objects i used subtools.